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Vive La Universidad - Branding, Website Design and Social Media by Helicoid Studio in Cumbayá, Ecuador
Vive La Universidad - Branding, Website Design and Social Media by Helicoid Studio in Cumbayá, Ecuador

Scope of Project


Logotype Design

Brand Guidelines

Website Design

SEO Strategy

Social Media Strategy and Content Plan

Motion Graphics & Design


Vive La Universidad is a place where high school graduates can try out college degrees of their interest before going to the university of their choosing. Vive La Universidad reached to us to create an image, system, and strategy for their brand. Also, the creation of a website as well as a SEO strategy, and content plan strategy for their social media channels. The brand needed to be modern, clean, recognizable across all digital and printed media as well as in digital platforms.


Our approach was to come up with a logotype that attracts both high school students, as well as their parents. The brand looks clean, easy to recognize and related to educative institutions. The website design is modern and informative with everything students need to sign in and be part of Vive La Universidad. Through SEO strategy for both website and social media, they have positioned themselves as a true solution for students looking for their right career choice.

Logotype Drafts

After our initial meeting with the client, we started creating some logotype drafts looking to convey the idea and values behind our client's business.

When we reached the final version, the logotype can stand on its own. It is modern, clean, and trustworthy. Key components to look for in educational institutions.

Vive La Universidad Main Logotype Design
Vive La Universidad Logotype Variations Design

Multiple Applications

The logotype design allows for multiple types of application in multiple printed media such as stationery design, merchandise, and others.

By creating the brand in this way, Vive La Universidad can expand to new markets utilizing its unique versatility and different versions, while maintaining recognition, differentiation, and clear message.

Vive La Universidad Logotype Design in a Stationery Business Card

Website Design

The purpose of the website is to give students and future high school graduates, and even college students, all the information needed about Vive La Universidad's educational system and how to be part of it.

One of the key requirements was that the website needed to be fast on mobile devices, since 94% of the targeted users access to it through smart devices. We managed to create a site that easy to navigate, access, fast and useful for students as well as parents.

Vive La Universidad Website and Mobile Design
Viva La Universidad Desktop Website Design
Viva La Universidad Mobile Website Design
Vive La Universidad Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Social media is a key component since most of the target audience, if not all of them, search for different education alternatives through social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Through our client's social media, they get in touch in a direct way with interested students, and parents, by giving them valuable and informative study related content. This is how Vive La Universidad positions themselves as a transparent and helpful education alternative in the future of education.

Vive La Universidad Facebook page
Vive La Universidad Instagram page
Vive La Universidad YouTube page

Motion Design

As part of the social media strategy, a motion design video was needed to promote and inform what "Vive La Universidad" stands for, and what is the purpose of it.

This motion animation was part of the launching campaign for both the brand as well as the client's YouTube channel. Through this video, students were able to connect with Vive La Universidad and many of them are now part of this innovative institution.


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