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Website Design, SEO Strategy

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Trà Space - Branding, Website Design and SEO Strategy by Helicoid Studio, in Los Angeles, United States

Scope of Project


Logotype Design

Graphic Design

Website Design

SEO Strategy


The client was looking to create a unique and easy-to-relate brand image for her Boba tea business in Culver City, California. The look of the brand had to be clean, modern, simple, fun, and futuristic. The concept of "Space" was key for the client as it had to go along with both the physical store as well as the experience when consuming their "out of this world" products.


We created a fun brand image that relates to Boba tea and its consumers. The brand reflects a "tea out of this world" both in imagery as well as how Trà Space creates their beverages. Everything is connected. Along with an easy-to-use website focused on the "space" concept, a simple clean, easy to understand menu and a versatile logo, Trà Space is a fast-growing business with lots of happy and loyal customers.

Logotype Drafts

Based on the client's input for the logotype, we started to create some ideas towards the creation of a unique, distinctive, and clean image that represent the business. 

Once we reached the final version, all the original ideas came together: space, boba tea, fun, relatable. The simplicity of it, allows for easy reproduction as well as instant identification of the brand.

Trà Space Logotype design drafts
Trà Space - Brand design

Different Applications

Our intention was to let the client use the brand design as she may see fit, since the products will embrace the logotype and all its versions, in different situations such as special cups, product photography, store front design, menu, social media and more. 

These variations and versatility allow the brand to expand to different types of print and digital media without losing identity, uniqueness, and differentiation.

Menu Design

Along with the logotype design, a brand-new menu design was needed. It had to show Trà Space client’s what options and products they can choose from by taking just one look. 

We designed a one-page menu that's both easy to read and clear to understand, as well as keeping the brand concept throughout the design.

Trà Space - Product Menu design
Trà Space - Mural Illustration Photos

Mural Illustration

We were asked to create an illustration for Trà Space that was used in a wall behind the main front door, so the clients get a first glimpse of where they are entering while transmitting a fun, open vibe about the business.

Currently, customers use this spot not only to enjoy their drinks but to take pictures of it, Trà Space products, and even some selfies. 

This mural helps the business stand out from the competition by creating a unique space that no one else has.

Trà Space - Mural Illustration Ideas
Trà Space - Mural Illustration Final Design

Website Design

The main purpose of the website is to allow clients to make online orders directly through the site, as well as letting clients discover more about the business story and the products they have to offer.

It's an easy-to-use website that maintains the overall look and feel of defined for the brand, as well as providing important and useful information and features. 

Trà Space - Website Design: Home Page
Trà Space - Website Design: Our Story


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