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Website Design,
SEO Strategy

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Website Design and SEO Strategy for RUNAS in Cuenca, Ecuador by Helicoid Studio in Cuenca, Ecuador

Scope of Project

Website Design

SEO Strategy

Motion Design


RUNAS is an online store dedicated to sell hand made products for dogs and cats. Their design is focused to appeal customers who own rescued animals and are looking for something different in terms of quality and original design. We redesign the website we created back in 2017 when RUNAS first launched their online presence beyond social media sales through their Facebook page. They were looking to streamline the buyer experience as well as making the site faster and capable of handling an increase in online transactions. Finally, improving the SEO strategy to help them position in Latin America.


Our approach was to redefine the key elements and features needed to improve site speed and loading times, especially in mobile devices like the menu, images, and the online store module, allowing more search filters for the user to help them find the best option for purchasing their product of choice. We created a new SEO strategy to help RUNAS position themselves in Latin America, increasing their sales revenue on a 352% on 2021. Our client is happy with the result and now RUNAS continues to grow business beyond online sales, with new affiliate business selling their products in physical stores.

Website Design

Taking into consideration our client requests, we identified the main elements that had to be updated and we made some design drafts for those.

The new design and the new SEO strategy go hand and hand making the website not only fast and easy to navigate, but better positioned on search engines targeting mainly the Latin American market. 

Desktop Online Store Website Design for RUNAS in Cuenca, Ecuador, by Helicoid Studio
Desktop Online Store Website Design for RUNAS in Cuenca, Ecuador
Mobile Website Design for RUNAS in Cuenca, Ecuador, by Helicoid Studio

Mobile Design

Mobile first was our principal website redesign focus, since the online store needed to load fast on every smart device, with any kind of speed connection.

Updating modules on the site, as well as optimizing images and overall content, was key to achieve this request. The site not only loads fast on smart devices, but it also is user friendly helping our client increase their ROI through online sales.



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