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Website Design,
SEO Strategy

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ESGdatapoint - Branding, Website Design and SEO Strategy by Helicoid Studio in London, United Kingdom
ESGdatapoint - Branding, Website Design and SEO Strategy by Helicoid Studio in London, United Kingdom

Scope of Project


Logotype Design

Stationery Design

Website Design

SEO Strategy


ESGdatapoint is a privately held company based in London, UK that specializes in managing ESG data for multiple financial services clients. They approached us to create a new brand image, website, and SEO strategy to position themselves all over Europe, Asia, North America, and South America as the ESG data management experts for businesses, around the globe.


As part of the design process, we decided to create a symbol to represent ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) to be used across, not only digital and printed media, but to be recognized around the globe. Our client's website is the main touch point for potential clients. We created a fast, easy to use, informative website to allow clients reach them quickly, making conversions easy and effective by ESGdatapoint.

Logotype Drafts

We wanted to represent the concepts of "Environment", "Social", and "Governance" (ESG) through a clear, easy to replicate symbol. Along with the ESG concepts, we integrated the concepts of data, technology, connectivity, and simplicity.

The client is happy with the result, and it is currently being used as part of their successful digital marketing global campaign.

ESGdatapoint - Logotype design
ESGdatapoint - Logotype variations in Black and White

Brand Adaptability

A brand not only is used on the website or a flyer. It must be able to adapt to different media and sizes.

The customized logotype icon allows it to be used for different purposes always maintaining its recognizable, easy to remember features, and, at the same time, being different from their immediate competitors.

ESGdatapoint - Stationery Design

Website Design

The website design had to be modern, simple, with style and interesting layout. It also had to be easy to use, clean and with all the information necessary for clients to connect with our client.

The site is mobile friendly, fast, and reliable. The website not only speaks the ESGdatapoint brand, but it's different from their competitors, making our client stand above them in a modern, up-to-date way.

ESGdatapoint - Website Design
ESGdatapoint - Desktop Website Design
ESGdatapoint - Desktop Website Design


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