Heli- what?




noun: helicoid; plural noun: helicoids

  1. an object of spiral or helical shape.

  2. a brand design agency dedicated to uplift companies to the next level.


adjective: helicoid

  1. of the form of a helix or helicoid.

Always Uplifted

We are a brand strategy agency with offices in Quito, Ecuador. Pamela Lopez and Jose Vargas are focused on creating unique graphic communication systems that speak for you, with martial arts discipline: Once you asked for it, it is already done. 
Our work is based on teamwork, exceeding our customers’ expectations and fulfilling the goals on time, thus providing a pleasant experience to our customers. 


Pamla Lopez
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Creative Director

Jose Vargas

Jose Vargas

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Senior Multimedia Designer

Thriving, Outstanding & Inspired.

 It is not only about doing it right, it is also about passion.

We are 100% invested in your success.

Brand Strategy Services


  • Identity

  • Logotype

  • Naming

  • Guidelines


  • Design

  • SEO Strategy

  • UX/UI

  • App