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01  What is Brand Strategy and Why is it Important?

Brand strategy is a detailed plan of how your business' image communicates the essence, values and objectives of your company, and how effective it is on doing so. In this strategy we take into account all the visual aspects of your company and how they perform within and outside your business, so that they communicate a cohesive and solid message to your clients, audience and employees. Whether you company is small or large, a good corporate branding strategy allows your customers to identify and relate to your business over time.

02  Do you offer consultancy services?

Yes. We study all design aspects in your company, analyzing in depth its performance and effectiveness. Thus, we can boost your business' reach even more, detailing a blueprint of the necessary changes towards an integral improvement of your company's brand identity, focused to your goals, clients and audience. Just send us a message through our 'contact us' page, call us or write us through our social media channels. We'll be happy to assist you.

03  Why Helicoid Studio?

We love to find solutions and not give excuses. We always keep in mind all the requirements and needs of your company. We always listen to what you have to say at all times during each project. We are a team looking forward to reach and achieve the best outcome for your company.

04  How long have you been in business?

Helicoid Studio was founded on January, 2007. It was always our idea to create a brand identity problem solving agency, for companies that are looking to grow, better position themselves or if they want to change the established order. Our main focus is to provide the best customer service whilst addressing your company’s needs.

05  How long do you take for each project?

Each project and client is unique, just like its needs and requirements. Due to this, the timeline for each project is different and it will depend on the strategy and goals we want to reach working together as a team. Together, we always design a plan for each project. Always original, never copied.

06  How is your process?

The first step is meeting with you to listen to all your requirements and define the purpose of the project. In this meeting, we perform a diagnosis and after this is clearly defined, we proceed to suggest ideas and provide a prescription and/or solutions that will shape the strategy of the project. Once we all agree on pricing and the Scope of Work, we sign a contract and establish a schedule altogether to advance step by step until the completion of the project. During the work execution, we are always open to listen to new suggestions and ideas towards improving the end result. After we complete all the project milestones, the project will be finished, and we will have a final meeting with you to verify that everything is fulfilled. After this, we are ready to begin a new project.

07  What happens once you finished a project?

Once a project is done, we are always open to listen to new ideas that might help the project keep growing or improving. Also, we always keep our contact channels open in order to provide support when it is necessary, so that your company has a strategic ally for life for specific solutions and future projects. We never abandon our clients. If we can suggest an improvement or something that might help growing your company even more, we do it. Once we team up, you can always count on Helicoid Studio.

08  Where are you based?

We are located in Quito, Ecuador the capital city of our country. However, we are always reachable for remote work and/or relocation if needed. We are in contact with our local and international clients all the time, all year long.

09  Can you relocate if needed?

Yes. If it is necessary, we can travel to your company's office so you can have a much more direct and personal contact during the project. We can do it without problem. The only thing that is necessary to coordinate is the specific travel details such as dates, time availability, etc.

10  How many languages do you speak?

We are fluent in English and Spanish. We can also handle Italian, French, and Portuguese. We are always learning new languages so we can provide our services to different audiences and clients.

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