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Carrillo & Asociados - Branding, Website Design and Social Media by Helicoid Studio in Quito, Ecuador
Carrillo & Asociados - Branding, Website Design and Social Media by Helicoid Studio in Quito, Ecuador

Scope of Project


Logotype Design

Stationery Design

Website Design

SEO Strategy

Social Media Strategy and Content Plan


Carrillo & Asociados is a brand-new law firm founded by Attorney at Law Galo Carrillo. They are a passionate team of lawyers who work with important cases in Ecuador. They came to us looking for a new brand design for his law firm. They wanted to include the Japanese Samurai motive as a representation of the law firm core values based on the "Code of The Samurai", the Bushido. They wanted to give clients the sense of justice, loyalty, security, minimalism, and professionalism.


We created an interesting brand image that combine both the helmet of the Samurai armor (Kabuto) and the beam scale of justice, creating a unique and distinctive image that speaks for itself in both representing justice and Bushido. The brand collaterals, website design and social media content speak the same visual language, creating a cohesive image throughout the law firm's brand. Little by little the law firm is positioning themselves as one of the best firms in Ecuador.

Logotype Drafts

The ideas were based on the combination of the Samurai armor helmet (Kabuto) and the beam scale symbol which represents justice. 

This unique icon perfectly unites both concepts while being distinctive and different from the traditional law firm brand. This helps the firm to stand out before their competitors and causes attraction to potential clients at the same time.

Carrillo & Asociados - Main Logotype Design
Carrillo & Asociados - Logotype variations

Brand Adaptability

Brands must be able to adapt to different scenarios in both printed and digital media. 

The unique icon can be used in many applications and sizes making it versatile and recognizable anywhere used, especially in legal documents presented during trials, agreements, and overall communications.

Carrillo & Asociados - Stationery Design

Website Design

The website design had to be clean, simple, minimalistic, and modern. Also, the information had to be easy to understand and clear.

Our client's website not only has these characteristics, but it's easy to navigate, understand, fast in every device and, above all, it speaks and represents both the brand and the firm in the best way.

Carrillo & Asociados - Website Redesign
Carrillo & Asociados - Desktop Website Design
Carrillo & Asociados - Social Media

Social Media Strategy

Not all law firms have a strong social media presence and not all of them share valuable and understandable content for their clients.

The focus of our client is not only to share their success with their cases, but to provide knowledgeable, easy to understand information about legal matters, and rights that every Ecuadorian citizen has, proving to be the go-to friendly law firm to trust as a client.

Carrillo & Asociados Facebook Page
Carrillo & Asociados Instagram Page
Carrillo & Asociados LinkedIn Page


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