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Website Redesign,
SEO Strategy

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Website Redesign and SEO Strategy for Brainbox Cameras in Los Angeles, United States by Helicoid Studio

Scope of Project

Website Redesign

Online Rental Store Design

Rental Service Implementation

Hosting and Email Services Migration

Blog Migration

SEO strategy


Brainbox Cameras is in Culver City, California. They reached to us asking for a complete website redesign. They were having trouble with hosting, email, rental system, and SEO, and they wanted a simpler, streamlined way to manage their business online. Also, they wanted a modern, easy-to-use website where customers can easily rent quality film equipment for various projects across the United States.


After helping Brainbox Cameras with the technical part of the site, which included hosting and website migration, domain transfer and email provider change, we created an up-to-date website, with an integrated rental system, blog and live chat functionalities which helped their clients connect in a direct manner with Brainbox Cameras. Since then, they've seen an increase in sales for over 215% and their business is on the first page of both Google and Bing search engines.

Website Sketch

After receiving the client's input and requirements, we sketch a couple of ideas taking into consideration the design references sent by Brainbox Cameras.

The idea behind the website redesign was not also make it useful and efficient, but to make it look different from the competition, so our client can differentiate and stand above from their competition, while providing great customer service.

Website design drafts and ideas for Brainbox Cameras, in Culver City, LA
Website design editor on Wix for Brainbox Cameras, in Los Angeles, California
Website design editor on Wix for mobile devices, for Brainbox Cameras, in Los Angeles, California
Website design and SEO strategy for Brainbox Cameras in Los Angeles, California by Helicoid Studio

Finished Design and SEO Strategy

The final website design included all requested features by the client. Modern looking, easy-to-use, user friendly, efficient, fast, and reliable platform.

The SEO Strategy developed with the client, included specific keywords and metadata, targeted towards improving Brainbox Cameras ranking on web search engines. Now, they are on the first page on both Google and Bing browsers.

Camera Rental Website Design for Brainbox Cameras in Los Angeles, California by Helicoid Studio



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