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Website Design,
SEO Strategy

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Make Cool Stuff - Website design and SEO Strategy by Helicoid Studio
Make Cool Stuff Website Design and SEO Srategy

Scope of Project

Website Design

Calendar and Event System

Member's Area

SEO strategy


Make Cool Stuff is in Quito, Ecuador. They contacted us to create a unique, clean, simple, and easy-to-use website, for his makerspace business. He was also looking for a calendar with event reservation features and member’s area, for his customers. SEO was a key factor they requested as this type of business is not too common in Ecuador. The website must represent their brand identity in a solid and structured way.


Once we finished with the project, the client was really pleased with the result, as we were able to tackle all the requirements beyond what Make Cool Stuff expected. The website allows them to start their social media content strategy and since the website launch, they’ve gained many followers and clients. They have also hosted several workshops for both their regular clientele and new clients. They keep growing and positioning themselves as the place to go to create art and technology in Quito, Ecuador.

Website Sketch

Our approach towards the design was focused on simplicity, in the sense that all the elements within the design had to work to communicate the brand identity as well as providing an easy-to-use user experience.

We focused on tackling the basic features of the website and polish the details from the website design base we created, always keeping in mind the end user functionalities and purpose of the design.

Make Cool Stuff website design sketches
Make Cool Stuff website design editor on WIX
Make Cool Stuff website mobile design editor
Make Cool Stuff website design and SEO strategy by Helicoid Studio

Finished Design and SEO Strategy

Make Cool Stuff’s simple website design allowed us to fine tune the overall design by adding specific additional features requested by the client.

The SEO strategy focused on capitalizing local organic traffic targeted towards people looking for unique and full equipped workspaces. Thanks to this Make Cool Space is a unique place where people can gather and make ideas real.

Make Cool Stuff makerspace website design, plans & prices page
Make Cool Stuff makerspace website design, services page


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