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Website Design,
SEO Strategy

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Website design and SEO strategy for CINEVO in Phoenix, Arizona

Scope of Project

Website Design

Online Rental Store Design

E-Commerce Product Migration

Customized Rental Service Implementation

Blog Migration

SEO strategy


Cinevo is a cinema equipment rental house located in Phoenix, Arizona. They provide crew, studio space and production support. They serve productions in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and the rest of the US. They contacted us to help them design and develop their new website with particularly technical requirements to make their rental process easier for their customers.


We started by defining a proper layout and UX design to simplify the rental process funnel and display the other services they provide while maintaining the brand guidelines. We developed a customized rental system that streamlined the conversion process for their sales team and their customers.  We enjoyed working with their team and we’ll be glad to be part of their future projects.

Website Design

Upon receiving the technical requirements and input from the client we created a draft sitemap and a wireframe to make sure the rental process was easy to understand by the user. The look and style of the new website needed to connect and resonate with their customers and audience.


Therefore, we created a trendy and simple design that paired properly with the brand. Then, we developed the rental system with the customized technical requirements provided. We also made it mobile friendly to appeal to all users.

Responsive website design for desktop devices, for CINEVO in Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Responsive website design for tablets, for CINEVO in Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Responsive website design for mobile devices and smartphones, for CINEVO in Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Website design and SEO strategy by Helicoid Studio, for CINEVO in Phoenix, Arizona, United States

SEO Strategy

Finally, we built a proper SEO strategy to position the new website in the main browsers. We provided research of keywords, audience, and competitors. We created the strategy for content and meta-data, and provided the baseline for future SEM.

Online rental website for Los Angeles, California, by CINEVO
Online product rental page by CINEVO, in Los Angeles, California, United States



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