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The Client needed branding and an online platform to manage the logistics of his sequin backdrop rental business. The client also required a return system integrated within his website, as well as a customized online positioning strategy.


We created a brand design and a functional online rental store for his business. The store was fully integrated with UPS' API, an online payment platform and shipment administration apps to make it easier for our client to manage rental/purchase orders, shipments and returns.


We created a logotype based on the client’s product, sequin backdrops, and the sparkle they provide to backgrounds. We created modules that were used throughout the online store.


Online Rental Store Design

Based on the brand, we created a resourceful rental store that properly displayed the client’s product and provided a pleasant user experience. API integration made it easy for the customers to find all the information they needed to proceed to the rental/purchase order. Also, due to the apps automation, it is easy for our client to manage and ship orders.

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