Brand Identity & Virtual Tour

Eddy Rivera, Architecture and Construction

Eddy Rivera is a freelance architect working in many construction projects all over Ecuador. He asked us to create a new brand identity for him as well as a virtual tour for one of his projects. We were able to put our skills into work in both brand design and animation to make our client stand out from other architects.

Eddy Rivera Logotype Ideas, choosing the right one
Eddy Rivera Logotype Design
Eddy Rivera Logotpe Design Color Variations white and blue background
Eddy Rivera very creative business card design
Eddy Rivera Logotype color variations black and whte and blue over black background
Eddy Rivera letterhead design
Eddy Rivera Virual Tour Render Still
Eddy Rivera Virtual Tour Render Still with sunset
Eddy Rivera Virtual Tour Still Green Kitchen
Eddy Rivera Virtual Tour Still Lobby and interior garden

Disclaimer: For privacy reasons we are not able to show the whole video we made for this project. However, you can see some of our work in our Virtual Tours services video.

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